Colors of September

In Ireland, September is full of colors. The colors of September are stunning. Above all, yellow, orange, red, and green are the dominant colors. When the weather is sunny September is stunning here.

September is the beginning of the Fall season in Ireland and it is a great month for photography. Therefore, I went for a photo walk to search for the colors of September.

Firstly, for me, autumn is associated with rowan. Do you know the Rowan, also known as the Mountain Ash is a broadleaf tree, native to Ireland? Rowan trees are commonly planted in parks and gardens and as street trees. In Irish folklore, Rowan branches were hung inside houses as protection against fire. The tree also had the power to protect people and animals from evil spirits.

Secondly, for me, autumn is associated with chestnuts. There are lots of horse chestnut trees in Ireland. They are called horse chestnuts because the trees are as strong as a horse. The fruit of the horse chestnut is these shiny brown chestnuts that are commonly known as ‘conkers’. They grow inside a thick, fleshy casing that has sharp little spikes on the outside to protect it.

So, below are photos from my backyard. There were beautiful red and yellow rowanberries. Also, garden roses in many pink and red tints. But chestnuts I found in Hanover Park in Carlow Town.


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