Cloydah Church

Cloydah Church, County Carlow

Cloydagh Church is a “Church of Ireland” church covering a small area around Clogrennan, Co. Carlow. Also known as Church of Saint John the Evangelist, Saint Johns Church of Ireland.

The church was built at the expense of the late Board of First Fruits in 1803. Then was reconstructed around 1870. It is one of four churches in Killeshin Union of Parishes in the United Dioceses of Cashel, Ferns and Ossory.

The Board of First Fruits was an institution of the Church of Ireland that was established in 1711. By Anne, Queen of Great Britain to build and improve churches and glebe houses in Ireland.

I already posted on the blog about St. Osnadhs Church in Kellistown. Which looks very same like St. John the Evangelist Church of Ireland in Cloydagh. And many Anglican church built in Ireland during the ” First fruits” act. They have haracteristic shape of tower, windows and doors.

Location of Cloydah Church:

Below my photos taken in May 2021.


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